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EEBA Statement on Pre-Processing Microbiology Testing in Eye Banks

The Committee of the European Eye Bank Association recently ratified a statement, in response to discussions and codes of practice introduced in a number of Member States, expressing its deliberated experts view on whether pre-processing microbiology testing in the form of conjunctival and or corneal swabs are necessary and useful in reducing the risk of microbial transmission via corneal grafts.

Its considered view, taking together the knowledge on the low endophthalmitis rate following corneal transplantation, the high rate of positive corneal/conjunctival swabs, the efficient reduction of microbial contamination of the culture media during organ culture and the valid sterile testing of these media, is that pre-processing microbiology testing for corneal grafts does not seem to be helpful to decrease the risk of microbial transmission or to increase the safety of corneal transplantation.

A copy of the statement is available in the EEBA INFOPOOL or can be downloaded here.

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