Events & Meetings

Since 1989 the representatives of a growing number of European Eye Banks have met each year. The purpose of these meetings is to exchange information and ideas, to promote the procurement and supply of human eye tissue for therapeutic purposes, to improve and adapt storage methods, and to encourage the implementation of standard operating procedures.

Any Eye Bank who is interested in hosting an EEBA Annual Meeting is very welcome to send their application to the EEBA Secretariat

EEBAAnnualMeetingHostApplication_Form2023-2024 (PDF/121KB).

To this end, in order to help Eye Banks in the organization of future Meetings, a number of past organizers have gathered their ideas and experiences in a Guide for future EEBA meetings.

Through the Andrew Tullo Travel Grant Scheme, the European Eye Bank Association is able to offer two (2) travel grants to enable technical and scientific staff from the eye-banking community to attend the EEBA Annual Meeting. Details of how to apply for these grants can be found here.


Annual Meetings of the EEBA

1989 Århus Denmark 1990 Bristol United Kingdom
1991 Noordwijk Netherlands 1992 Vienna Austria
1993 Bern Switzerland 1994 Palma de Mallorca Spain
1995 Budapest Hungary 1996 Besançon France
1997 Venice Italy 1998 Aachen Germany
1999 Zagreb Croatia 2000 Århus Denmark
2001 Oerebro Sweden 2002 Paris France
2003 Brussels Belgium 2004 Barcelona Spain
2005 Halle Germany 2006 Venice Italy
2007 Bratislava Slovakia 2008 Munich Germany
2009 Amsterdam Netherlands 2010 Barcelona Spain
2011 Freiburg Germany 2012 Rotterdam Netherlands
2013 Zagreb Croatia 2014 Lausanne Switzerland
2015 Venice Italy 2016 Århus Denmark
2017 Prague Czech Republic 2018 Coimbra Portugal
2019 Rotterdam Netherlands 2020 Hannover Germany
2021 cancelled cancelled 2022 Liverpool United Kingdom
2023 Aachen Germany 2024 Antwerp Belgium
2025 Rome Italy 2026 n.a.  
2027 n.a.        


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