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EEBA Directory - Launch of the annual data collection exercise

The questionnaires for the twenty-eighth edition of the EEBA Annual Directory are now available on-line. All designated Eye Bank Corresponding Members are asked to insert the activity data for their eye bank for the calendar year 2018 as soon as possible (deadline for data submission is 10 September 2019).  

Copies of the EEBA Website Manual are available from the Executive Officer (admin@europeaneyebanks.org) who is also available to answer any questions or queries relating to the compilation of the questionnaires (Step A and B).

In addition, Eye Bank Corresponding Members should check the profile of their individual bank on the EEBA website, along with the details relating to their country's transplant legislation, and notify the Association if there are amendments to be made (relevant pages can be found by clicking on the button "EEBA Directory & Country Profiles").

Many thanks for your patience, understanding and support in this endeavour.

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