Legislation Spain


  • Law 30/27, 1979, concerns the extraction and transplantation of organs
  • The activities concerning the use of cells and human tissues are regulated by the Royal Decree Law 9/2014, 4th July.
  • The Royal Decree 1723/2012, 28th December, regulates all activities concerning organ donation.
  • Depending on regional laws the eye is considered as an organ or tissue, while the cornea is always considered as tissue.
  • Depending on regional laws, organ donation is an opting out or opting in system. In practice, donation procedures only start with a written authorization of the next of kin.


Cornea banking:

  • An accreditation by the Regional Health Authorities as the competent authority is required.
  • Inspection of eye banks occurs by the Regional Health Authorities, also defining the criteria.
  • Dependent on regional laws there are requirements for the storage solution.

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