ROTTERDAM - NIIOS Amnitrans Eye Bank (AER)

Laan op Zuid 88

NL-3071 AA Rotterdam


Telephone +31 10 297 4444
Fax              +31 10 297 4440 / +31 10 485 0159
E-mail          vanderwees@niios.com


Medical Director: Gerrit Melles MD PhD

Director of Innovation: Viridiana Kocaba, MD, PhD, MScE, FEBO

Ophthalmic surgeons: Viridiana Kocaba, Gerrit Melles, corneal fellows Achraf Laouani, MD, FEBO, Mohamed Ghaly, MD, FEBO

Head of tissue bank / Correspondent / Responsible Person: Jacqueline van der Wees, PhD

Operational Manager: Mehtap Dedeci BSc, Monique Noppen

Staff: Hanneke van Bergen BA (general manager of NIIOS), Paulina Bylewska, Simone Claessens B.Eng, Esther Groeneveld-van Beek MSc, Louise de Herdt BSc, Petra van Leeuwen BSc, Jessica Lie PhD, Julia Nijenhuis MSc, Anita Sajet BAS

Research staff: Silke Oellerich PhD (Head of R&D), Vincent Bourgonje PhD, Korine van Dijk PhD, Lisanne Ham PhD, Alina Miron MSc, Lydia van der Star, Indre Vasiliauskaite MSc

Date established: 2004

AER distributes amniotic membrane tissue since 1997, and both full-thickness and several types of lamellar corneal transplants since 2004

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