Legislation Ireland


  • There is no law regarding organ donation.
  • While legislation is lacking, permission for donation is required, either in will, written document, or consent from the next of kin.


Ireland has transposed the European directive on Quality and Safety of Human Organs intended for Transplantation 2010/53/EU into Irish Law under S.I.No. 325 of 2012.


Due to concerns regarding vCJD, the Irish Tissue Bank stopped accepting whole globes / corneas from Irish donors with effect from the 21st of January 2004. The situation is under constant review and the decision may be reversed as and when the risk of vCJD in Ireland and in particular with regard to ocular tissue can be determined. To facilitate corneal transplantation in Ireland, all tissue is now imported from the US.


The tissue bank also imports sclera, amnion  pericardium and fascia lata grafts for use in ophthalmic surgery.  The tissue bank offers autologous serum eye drops for the treatment of severe dry eye.  The tissue bank is currently in the process of applying for a licence under section 28 (hospital exemption) of the ATMP regulations to provide allogenic limbal stem cell cultures on amniontic membrane for the treatment of limbal stem cell deficiency.

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