MUNICH - Hornhautbank Munich gGmbH

Hans-Stuetzle-Strasse 21
D-81249 M√ľnchen


Telephone +49 89 13 29 10
Fax              +49 89 13 29 11
E-mail          info@hornhautbank-muenchen.de


Correspondent: Andrea Gareiss-Lok (CEO, CEBT, QMB)

Senior scientist: Prof. Dr. med.Th. Neuhann

Medical Director: Prof. Dr. med.Th. Neuhann
Vize Medical Director: Prof. Dr. med. Irmingard Neuhann FEBO

Ophthalmic surgeons: Prof. Dr. med. Th. Neuhann, Prof. Dr. med. I. Neuhann FEBO, Dr. C. Clemente, Dr. med. Jonathan Hall FEBO,

Staff: Andrea Gareiss-Lok, CEBT and responsible MTA, Andrea Gottwald Optician, Technician & Administration, Danae Malikides Biologist B.Sc, Technician & Administration, Claudia Ondertoller Optician, Technician & Administration, Claus-Dieter Lok Controlling, IT/Technic

Research staff: Dr. rer. nat. K. N. Angerbauer

Date established: November 1991

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