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The SOHO V&S Project has recently published their “GUIDELINES FOR HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS ON VIGILANCE AND SURVEILLANCE OF HUMAN TISSUES AND CELLS” and a copy of these guidelines can be downloaded directly from the “Downloads” area on the EEBA Website (click here for access)...



EEBA Membership Subscription/Renewal

Membership subscriptions/renewals for the current membership year, period 1 July 2013 to 30 June 2014, are now being accepted...



2014 EEBA Funding Initiatives - Call for Applications (Deadline: 20/12/2013)

Applications are welcome for the three new EEBA funding initiatives, specifically targeted at Young Technicians, Experienced Eye Bankers, and Training Providers for New Eye Bankers, which are supported from funds donated by previous organisers of the EEBA Annual Meeting...



EEBA Annual Directory - Last days to submit data

data submissions from 60 eye banks for the forthcoming edition of the EEBA Annual Directory have already been received...



EEBA Annual Directory - Data Submission

The questionnaires for the twenty-second edition of the EEBA Annual Directory are now available on-line...



EEBA Newsletter - Call for Articles

Dr. Michael Cahane (Editor) would like to encorage members to submit scientific or technical articles, news items and/or photos for the next edition of the EEBA Newsletter (opening submission deadline is the 26th of July 2013)...



International Course in Tissue Banking, Advanced Therapies and Blood Banking

Transplant Procurement Management - TPM is preparing the 5th edition of its face to face International Course in Tissue Banking, Advanced Therapies and Blood Banking to be held in Barcelona in June 3-6, 2013...



EC Regulation on Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products and EEBA Statement on Processing of Tissues and Cells

In the context of the recent public consultation exercise launched by the European Commission on the “Regulation on Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products”, the EEBA responded to this opportunity by voicing its support for the comments submitted by Fondazione Banca degli Occhi del Veneto Onlus with the added proviso that “the focused comments on autologous ATMPs do not imply that allogeneic ATMPs should be considered as being out of the scope of the hospital exemption”...



Revised EEBA Standards

Please note that copies of the revised “Minimum Medical Standards” and “Technical Guidelines for Ocular Tissue”, agreed at the EEBA Business Meeting in Zagreb on the 19th of January 2013, can be found on the EEBA Standards web-page (located by clicking on the button"THE EEBA, option "EEBA Standards" [URL: http://www...



Letter from the President

Dear EEBA Member, Every third year there is a change in the Presidency and Vice-Presidency of EEBA: the Vice-President who was elected three years ago becomes the new President for the next three years, and a new Vice-President elected...


Donation & Transplantation

More about Donation & Transplantation



EEBA Funding Initiatives 2019

Letter from the President 2019

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