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EU-EYE Launched as Nine European Subspeciality Ophthalmology Societies Join Forces

Nine European subspecialty ophthalmology societies have decided to join forces in order to raise political and public awareness of ophthalmology...



EEBA Statement on Pre-Processing Microbiology Testing in Eye Banks

The Committee of the European Eye Bank Association recently ratified a statement, in response to discussions and codes of practice introduced in a number of Member States, expressing its deliberated experts view on whether pre-processing microbiology testing in the form of conjunctival and or corneal swabs are necessary and useful in reducing the risk of microbial transmission via corneal grafts...



EEBA Annual Directory - Data Submissions

The questionnaires for the Twenty-Fourth edition of the EEBA Annual Directory are now available on-line...



EEBA Membership Subscription/Renewal

Membership subscriptions/renewals for the forthcoming membership year are now being accepted (period 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016)...



Statement: Global Eye Banks Response to the Ebola Outbreak

Due to the recent outbreak of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in West Africa over the past few months, members of the Global Alliance of Eye Bank Associations (GAEBA) have commenced collaboration and sharing of regional responses on the EVD - in relation to ocular tissue donation – to ensure global preparedness...



2015 EEBA Funding Initiatives - Call for Applications (Deadline: 19/12/2014)

Applications are welcome for the three innovative EEBA funding initiatives, specifically targeted at Young Technicians, Experienced Eye Bankers, and Training Providers for New Eye Bankers, which are supported from funds donated by previous organisers of the EEBA Annual Meeting...



EEBA Annual Directory - last few days to submit data

Data submissions have now been received from 64 banks. Those banks still wanting to submit their data can do so via the online questionnaires up until 16...



XXVII Annual EEBA Meeting - Launch of Online Registration

Registration for the XXVII EEBA Annual Meeting is now available online! CLICK HERE (http://2015...



EEBA Annual Directory - Data Submission

The questionnaires for the twenty-third edition of the EEBA Annual Directory are now available on-line...




The SOHO V&S Project has recently published their “GUIDELINES FOR HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS ON VIGILANCE AND SURVEILLANCE OF HUMAN TISSUES AND CELLS” and a copy of these guidelines can be downloaded directly from the “Downloads” area on the EEBA Website (click here for access)...


Donation & Transplantation

More about Donation & Transplantation



EEBA Funding Initiatives 2019

Letter from the President 2019

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