Legislation USA


  • Laws concerning organ and tissue donation exist and vary from state to state. For more informaion about individual state laws click here.
  • Organ donation is an opting in system. Permission has to obtained from the next of kin, in will or on written document, or by electronic registration.
  • Removal of the eyes as well as corneoscleral excision in situ are allowed.


Cornea banking:

  • The cornea and all other parts of the eye (e.g. sclera, limbus) are considered tissues. All eye banks must register with the FDA and comply with FDA regulations pertaining to tissue/eye banking. FDA inspects all registered entities.
  • Although not required, most, if not all eye banks are members of the
    Eye Bank Association of America and subject themselves to rigorous acreditation process.
  • Some states have additional requirements for registration, testing and inspections.
  • US eye banking is probably the most standardized and advanced in the world.

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