Legislation Portugal


  • A law concerning organ donation exists.
  • No distinction is made between the eye and the cornea: both are considered as tissues.
  • Removal of the eye is allowed.
  • Organ donation is an opting out system (presumed consent): objections are registered in the 'RENNDA' (The National Register of Non-Donors).

Cornea banking:

  • In 2009 the European Directives on tissues and cells was transposed into national law (Lei n.º 12/2009) and have been implemented.
  • Tissue banks, including eye banks, must be authorized by the competent authority according to the Lei n.º 12/2009. The competent authority also performs periodic inspections or other appropriate control measures in order to ensure compliance with this law (the interval should not exceed two years).
  • There is no National Tissue Bank or Eye Bank Association. However, a National Transplant Coordination Organisation exists, with responsability for the regulation and standardization of all the activities concerning organ, tissue and cell donation and transplantation.
  • Legal requirements for corneal storage solutions has not yet been defined.

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